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Pictures from South Africa: around Cape Town

After 3 days in South Africa, we already had a thousand pictures in our cameras and a thousand memories in our mind… So we decided to share a few images and moments of this trip. This post was originally…


10 reasons you should travel to Oregon

Nestled on the west coast of the United States, under the state of Washington and just above California, Oregon isn’t usually featured in the main chapters of the US travel guide books. San Francisco, Los Angeles, the road 66…

Carnets de voyage Travelogue

Irish escape in Howth

Hidden in Dublin’s suburbs, the charming little coastal town of Howth is mostly ignored by the tourists. A village atmosphere, a little fishing harbour, fish & chips à volonté, majestic cliffs, nice pubs and restaurants, a creepy graveyard, seals…


Sinj: inland Croatia has more to offer than you think

When exploring Croatia, most of the travelers focus on its coastline: Zadar, Split, Makarska, Dubrovnik… And it’s easy to understand why: sun, clear waters, mediterranean food, old cities… What else would you wish for? Maybe a little bit of tranquility…


My favourite places in London

Recently a friend planning to spend a weekend in London asked me if I had some advice for her (translate: if I knew some good places to eat). I’ve been 5 times to London in the past years so…