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2 days in Bangkok

In 2013, we set foot in Asia for the first time, in Thailand precisely. After this trip, I wrote this post and published it on my own blog, Hobography. In this post, I describe the difficulties we faced in our…


Discover Wales

In 2013, we crossed the English Channel with some friends to discover Wales. I initially wrote this post on my own blog, Hobography. I share with you some of my favorite places in Pembrokeshire.…


To eat and survive in Amsterdam

If you know me then this is no news that when it comes to travel, Fred organizes, I don’t. Despite some bumps on the road every now and then, I tend to improvise a lot, that’s my way. So when…

Carnets de voyage Travelogue

15 days in Andalusia: our carless itinerary

I’d been dreaming a long time about visiting Andalusia. I could perfectly picture myself indulging in the Arabic charm of Granada and the Alhambra, wandering in the maze of the old neighborhoods of Sevilla, feeling dizzy on Ronda’s bridge, enjoying a flamenco show…