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Discover Wales

In 2013, we crossed the English Channel with some friends to discover Wales. I initially wrote this post on my own blog, Hobography. I share with you some of my favorite places in Pembrokeshire.…

Food from around the world

5 rules to order tapas like a local

In Spain, eating tapas is way more than just a cheap way to fill your belly. It’s a social ritual and plays an important part in the daily life of the local. There’s even a verb in Spanish to describe this yummy habit: tapear. Let…

Travelogue Travelogue

Irish escape in Howth

Hidden in Dublin’s suburbs, the charming little coastal town of Howth is mostly ignored by the tourists. A village atmosphere, a little fishing harbour, fish & chips à volonté, majestic cliffs, nice pubs and restaurants, a creepy graveyard, seals…

Travel 101

Travelling to Wales… with your dog

For once, I’ll cover something that has (almost) nothing to do with food. One year ago, we travelled to Wales with a couple of friends and… Pim’s, our Cavalier King Charles. If you plan on travelling with your dog,…