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Pairi Daiza: a paradise at my doorstep

Once upon a time there was a man in Belgium who wanted to build the most beautiful garden. In his dreams, he saw Hindu temples, elephants enjoying a bath, a fishing village with stilt houses, treasures brought back from all…

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A magical night in Liège

Liège is often referred to as the “Ardent city”, a nickname stressing the taste of its inhabitants for partying or simply having a good time together. In fact, this Walloon city never sleeps. But for me that name also evokes a particular night…


Wattitude: 100% made in Wallonia shop in Liège

There’s probably no other place in Liège where you can buy craft beers and a unique and most useful tool to open 6 at a time as well as a flower vase made from photo film, retro jewelry, insects ready…