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To eat and survive in Amsterdam

If you know me then this is no news that when it comes to travel, Fred organizes, I don’t. Despite some bumps on the road every now and then, I tend to improvise a lot, that’s my way. So when…

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The ultimate tapas guide

Standing in front of the chalkboard menu in a Spanish tapas bar, you’re tensed. You need to order, and fast. Otherwise you’ll face the wrath of the waiter. But what is the best choice? The list is huge and……

Food from around the world

5 rules to order tapas like a local

In Spain, eating tapas is way more than just a cheap way to fill your belly. It’s a social ritual and plays an important part in the daily life of the local. There’s even a verb in Spanish to describe this yummy habit: tapear. Let…


15 days in Andalusia: our carless itinerary

I’d been dreaming a long time about visiting Andalusia. I could perfectly picture myself indulging in the Arabic charm of Granada and the Alhambra, wandering in the maze of the old neighborhoods of Sevilla, feeling dizzy on Ronda’s bridge, enjoying a flamenco show…

Food from around the world

Som Tam: love at first bite

If you ask me to name one dish that has the power to instantly transport me to the other side of the world, I’ll answer “green papaya salad” or Som Tam as it is called in Thailand. Between this South…