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Yummy Planet is a blog that makes you hungry for travel. It’s managed by Karl and Fred, a couple of travel foodies spending their time between Belgium and the world. Always in the mood for meeting new people and exploring new territories, they share their travel experiences on the web to make you thirsty for new adventures! 

The authors

Yummy Planet


  • Created the blog
  • Loves chocolate & spicy food
  • Hates people abusively reclining their seat on the plane
  • Marshmallows addict


  • Photographer of the blog, writes occasionally
  • Travel jokes specialist
  • Hates selfie-sticks
  • Loves French Belgian Fries

Did you say foodie?

When we travel, we love to share our experiences and best finds with friends, families… Looking at our pictures, they often marvel at the number of food pictures which are almost equivalent to the number of landscape pictures. It’s not a secret: when choosing a travel destination, the culinary heritage of the region is one of our main concerns.

Experiment with new flavours, smell the scents of regional products in a local market, suddenly set my mouth on fire after taking the first bite of a spicy dish or challenge my prejudices to honor the local specialties… All these experiences are part of travelling and allow us to dive into the culture of a country or a region.

Eating like the locals is like sharing their day-to-day lives. It’s also opening the doors to unchartered territories. When you come home, cooking dishes from the place you left feels like reviving memories from there that you can share with your friends.

A travel blog

Despite its focus on food, Yummy Planet is a travel blog and you won’t find any recipe here.

What you’ll find however is not only tips on where and what to eat. We also want to share our personal experience, the best places we’ve stayed at, things we’ve done, shops we’ve discovered as well as tips to travel well and safe.

Whatever the subject of our articles, you can be sure of this: we always stay true to our experience. We don’t lie, we don’t make it more beautiful than it is. We only recommend places we would send our best friends or families to.

Why this blog?

We created this travel and food blog because we felt we could help spread the word about great places and people with amazing projects around the world. Sharing is what travel is all about for us. We hope this blog will make you travel/laugh/remember great times/hungry/restless/inspired to discover the world.

Why don’t you cover this destination?

On this blog, we share our own travel and food experiences. As we haven’t (yet) explored the whole planet, there are some gaps.

Food is also a very subjective matter. All comments and judgements expressed in the articles are our own and you may not agree with them. You could love a dish that we hate, or on the contrary hate a dish that we find essential. Sometimes, we don’t even agree between us! And that’s absolutely fine!

Our food philosophy

Quesadillas, Howth

Authenticity, taste, pleasure and respect of the products are essentials for us. This is why we avoid fast foods but will not ignore an authentic and tasty burger.

We also try to banish “cliché”-thinking and remain open-minded. One of the cities we consider as a foodie paradise is situated… in the USA.

Des photos qui mettent l’eau à la bouche

If not otherwise stated, all the pictures on this blog are Karl’s (and they are not free to re-use, take a look at our disclaimer for more information). If you like his work, take a look at his photography blog Hobography.net! You can also follow him on his Facebook page.


I’ve got a few questions for my next trip. Could you help me?

Of course! We’d be glad to help! If it’s a destination we’ve already covered, we’ll be happy to share first hand tips and recommandations with you. If it’s somewhere we haven’t been to yet, we’ll redirect you to another blog. Use the contact form or send us a message via Facebook or Twitter.

I love your blog! What can I do to show my support?

It’s very simple: to build our reputation and be considered as potential partners by companies of the travel sector, we have to provide data showing that our blog is not only read but also appreciated. And you can help us to achieve that! Follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram or Pinterest, share and comment our articles. You’d be surprised to know the difference a mere “like” can make.

Your pictures are beautiful! Can I share them? Use them on my blog?

The only case you can use our pictures is to promote the articles of Yummy Planet (by sharing a pin on Pinterest for example). For any other use, you have to contact us first. Also read our disclaimer.

You published something about my restaurant/hotel… in an article. Can I re-use the text on my website?

Please don’t. We are always happy to share but in this case Google will consider this is duplicate content and it might harm the ranking of our blog. But feel free to publish a link to our article on your website or to share it on social media.

I’d like to publish an article on your website.

We only publish texts that we wrote or contribution by fellow bloggers and friends. For any proposition, feel free to contact us!

Do you make a living out of your blog?

No, this is just a part of what we do. Karl is also web developer and Fred is a web content specialist.

Who has created your beautiful logo?

The Yummy Planet logo was designed and created by my little sister. Please take a look at her website: http://charlotte-henrottin.be.